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3D Ultrasound Studio in West Bloomfield, MI

3D Ultrasound images of babies in 5D HD Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound 5D HD & Gender Determination

3D ultrasound studio located in West Bloomfield.

All 3D ultrasounds are performed in the new 5D HD imaging technology! With 5D imaging, you can see your baby in the most realistic and clearest way possible.

We were the first to bring 5D HD to Michigan, and we use only the best, most advanced technology – we do not use the outdated 3D ultrasound imaging at our studio. At 3D Baby Boutique, you will always receive the best imaging available!

We also offer the earliest gender determination, starting at just 14 weeks!

Come see your baby with a 5D/HD 3D Ultrasound!

3D ultrasound compared to 2D ultrasound and 5D HD ultrasound images

Our 3D Ultrasounds in 5D/HD vs Birth

Check out the photos below to see examples of our 5D/HD 3D ultrasound photos compared with baby’s birth photos!

With incredible 5D imaging, you can have the first movie of your baby in the womb! You can see your baby moving around and waving, smiling and sucking his/her thumb!

It’s such an amazing bonding experience for moms, dads, and families to watch as baby yawns, stretches and kicks during the 3D ultrasound. With 5D/HD, you can see baby with so much more detail and clarity, adding so much more to your bonding experience with your unborn baby.


14 Weeks+ Gender Determination

Starting at just 14 weeks + 0 days, we can tell you the gender of your baby with over 99.5% accuracy!

Newest 5D HDlive Technology

Why pay for a 3D/4D ultrasound when you can see your baby with the newest & best 5D HDlive technology?!

Family & Friends Welcome

Our spacious scanning room features a large viewing screen & comfortable seating for up to 10 of your guests.

ARDMS Sonographers

Ultrasounds are performed by a registered ARDMS sonographer, experienced in 3D imaging techniques.
Evening Hours
Weekend Availability
Best 5D HD Technology
✓ 5D / HD Live - Forget about 3D/4D, we include the latest 5D HDlive ultrasound technology in all 3D/4D packages.
✓ Free Rescan Policy - If we're unable to obtain any images of at least half your baby's face, we'll bring you back the following week, at no additional charge.
✓ Gender Guarantee - We provide the earliest gender ultrasounds in MI, with over 99.5% accuracy. Any time we're unable to show you the gender, we'll bring you back the following week for free.
✓ Professional Prints - All of our 5D/HD packages include premium color photos, printed on professional grade glossy photo paper.