2D Early Gender

$125+ tax
$125+ tax
  • 14 weeks – 24 weeks

    Find out if you’re having a girl or boy!

  • 15 Min 2D Ultrasound
  • Gender Determination
  • 6 B&W Printed Images
  • Listen to Heartbeat

Gender Ultrasounds at 14 Weeks

Early Gender Ultrasound at 14 Weeks

Want to find out if you’re having a girl or boy? We are gender determination experts! We offer early gender determination ultrasounds starting at 14 weeks pregnant! At 14 weeks, your baby is developed enough to accurately determine the gender with 2D ultrasound.

Are You At Least 14 Weeks Pregnant?

We can determine baby’s gender starting at 14 weeks + 0 days, with an over the tummy 2D ultrasound. You will need a full bladder for this scan. We highly recommend that you drink something sugary before you arrive, to get baby moving. Family & friends are always welcome to come along!

Planning a Gender Reveal Party?

If you want to keep the gender a surprise until your gender reveal party, that’s no problem. We can give you a sealed envelope with the gender ultrasound photo to take home. We’ll turn the screen off to determine gender, and then turn it back on to get some cute pictures of baby.

Gender Reveal Supplies

Gender reveal supplies are available for purchase at our studio. We offer gender reveal confetti/powder cannons, cute picture frames that play your baby’s recorded heartbeat & light up pink or blue to reveal the gender and Heartbeat Bears as well.

Pink or Blue Heartbeat Bear in Gender Reveal Box $50

Gender Reveal Frame $35
Push the heart button & it plays your baby’s heartbeat & lights up pink or blue!

Gender Reveal Cannon (1) $25 / (2) $45 Powder + Confetti

Gender Ultrasound Guarantee

We are experts in gender determination and we’re usually always able to determine gender at every scan. However, in the unlikely event that we are not able to see the gender (due to baby’s position, umbilical cord, legs crossed etc.), we will always bring you back the following week for a free gender rescan.

Gender Ultrasound Galleries

Want to see more images of 14 week gender determinations?

Check out our galleries here:

14 Week Girls – Gender Determination

14 Week Boys – Gender Determination