Windsor Weddings Avatar
Windsor Weddings
5/13/2024 - Google
The girl working May 11, 2024 at 4:30pm was very sweet and accommodating. She provided us with a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. 😊
Anya Pinto Avatar
Anya Pinto
9/29/2023 - Google
We love watching our twins grow at the boutique. The pictures we can take home are great, but what I like the most is the opportunity to watch the babies move and see they're ok for a longer time than what the obgyn ultrasounds allow. Last time we had SO much fun watching them have a dance party! We highly recommend this place.
Leslie Saari Avatar
Leslie Saari
9/20/2023 - Google
Christina was wonderful and took the time to show us detailed images of our beautiful baby boy!
Kristjana Palokaj Avatar
Kristjana Palokaj
9/13/2023 - Google
If I could I would go back to this place everyday. A friend of mine found this place for me after I had a small scare with my pregnancy and just for peace of mind I wanted to come in quick and see my beautiful baby and hear her heart beat. Ended up meeting Christina and she was absolutely sooooo kind and made me feel so comfortable. I can’t wait to go back with all my friends and family.
Sasha Kersey Avatar
Sasha Kersey
9/04/2023 - Google
We came in and the set up was so calming and beautifully set up. We were greeted and taken back right away. The interaction was so nice and comforting. We got to hear the heartbeat and saw the baby moving. We did not feel rushed and overall the experience was great. We will definitely be back in the future.
Evelyn Tedders Avatar
Evelyn Tedders
9/04/2023 - Google
My husband and I went to find out the gender of our baby. The first time we went, I wasn't far enough a long because I hadn't had my first US at OB so I didn't have an accurate due date. We had to re schedule and also pay again. I don't count that against the business. Its really just an issue with my OB. So if you haven't had your first US, you might have a pay to come back. It was great, I really liked how careful Christina was about the gender. She didn't want to say unless she was VERY sure. Which really is best. She let me take a break so I could use the bathroom so I wasn't too uncomfortable. Then she went over time to compensate for the break and that was really nice. I would recommend. It's nice a place and the lady was respectful.
Mary Madigan Avatar
Mary Madigan
9/04/2023 - Google
3D Baby Boutique is amazing! My husband and I had our anatomy scan at 20 weeks. All was great with the scan, but the baby crossed its legs, so we couldn’t get a gender! My doctor said I could come back in 4 weeks for a scan to get the gender only. Before that appt, I found out the hard way my insurance didn’t cover ultrasounds! So I canceled with my doctor and was able to get in that night with 3D Baby Boutique! Not only are they extremely affordable (a third of what my doctor billed me for), but Christina was very sweet and gave us so many pictures!!! She really took her time and walked us through everything we were seeing. My husband and I were so impressed and happy. She emailed us a dozen pictures afterwards, as well as printed up some of the best ones for us. We also are very excited to know that now we have a little girl on the way ☺️. I will recommend it to everyone who gets pregnant. Thank you, Christina and 3D Baby Boutique!
Jessica Ruesch Avatar
Jessica Ruesch
7/08/2023 - Google
Such a great experience! 3D Baby Boutique was a very welcoming space. Our session was only for 15min but more than enough time for our hearts to overflow with love
Julia Nahle Avatar
Julia Nahle
7/08/2023 - Google
The reassurance scan was so helpful in alleviating my anxiety. Christina was so sweet and took her time with the scans. Highly recommend making an appt if you need some extra reassurance or just want to see baby again. I plan to come back again during this pregnancy!
Raquel Kenna Avatar
Raquel Kenna
6/01/2023 - Facebook
Christina is awesome and makes you feel super
comfortable. Very thorough at explaining details of baby’s position and movements! Have been to 3D baby boutique 4 times now.
Jessica K Avatar
Jessica K
5/12/2023 - Google
Christina was great! I saw online she only had a 12:30 but I needed an earlier apt. She ended up letting me come in at 11:30 and it was such a great experience. We got to take home our envelope with our babies gender for my gender reveal and she sent me an email with the rest of our pictures.
Alexandra Bryan Avatar
Alexandra Bryan
3/16/2023 - Google
Very professional, very kind. We added on an heartbeat stuffed animal during and it was no problem. Afterwards we received an email with about 30 great pictures! Overall it was an excellent experience. Can’t wait to go back later in my pregnancy for the 5D!
Madison Moore Avatar
Madison Moore
3/03/2023 - Google
This experience was amazing and 100% worth it! Christina was very kind and made the experience so comfortable. I am 11 weeks and got the 2d Heartbeat Package and have the cutest pictures to have and show friends and family. 10/10 recommend!
Deja Williams Avatar
Deja Williams
1/09/2023 - Google
I am very satisfied with the winter package. Thank you so much Christina for making my 5D ultrasound experience amazing. My mother in law and I definitely enjoyed every moment seeing my baby girl moving and holding onto her legs. I would definitely recommend your time and service.
Alexandria and John Staman Avatar
Alexandria and John Staman
1/09/2023 - Google
I would highly recommend going here to see Christina for an elective ultrasound. We were able to do the 5D/HD ultrasound, and although our little one wasn’t cooperating and kept putting his hands over his face, she was still able to get us some great images!
Dajha Phillips Avatar
Dajha Phillips
7/09/2022 - Google
We came here for our gender prediction in early pregnancy and got a cute little penguin heartbeat animal! Then again for the 5D ultrasound. My baby boy was being SO stubborn, but Christina was beyond patient, and helped us move him around to get some nice pictures of his face (and hands lol). She is amazing. I’ll be coming to her with every pregnancy I have in the future, and sending her pictures of our baby boy once he makes his debut 💕 I don’t know where the negative reviews came from, but definitely give her a chance. She is amazing at what she does, kind, considerate, and a mother herself (show her some grace)
Dajha N. Avatar
Dajha N.
5 star rating
6/21/2022 - Yelp
Absolutely LOVEDDDDD my experience here. We first came for the gender prediction in my early pregnancy, then again for my 5D ultrasound. My baby boy was being so stubborn, and sleeping as hard as a rock, but Christina was patient and thoughtful and got him to move enough to capture some pictures of his cute little face. His hands were in the way, the umbilical cord was by his mouth, his feet on his head lol, but yet Christina still was able to snap a few really good pictures of him, smiling and all. I will definitely be coming back with every pregnancy I have, and recommending her to everyone I can.
Kirstyn Annette Jurzysta Avatar
Kirstyn Annette Jurzysta
6/16/2022 - Facebook
10/10 recommend! The staff was so friendly and the photos turned out amazing! I had the ultrasound at 36 weeks and my daughter was born December 2nd. Here is photo comparison of the ultrasound and when she was born😍
Kelli Avatar
5/09/2022 - Google
Found out my babys gender at 15 weeks! Christina was super sweet and professional. The office is calm, clean and accommodating for multiple people to share your experience with you if you choose.
Chelsea Kind Avatar
Chelsea Kind
3/06/2022 - Google
We had an amazing experience here. We were able to include our son which was a huge plus. And the whole experience from beginning to end was enjoyable and something we won’t forget. Christina was super nice and very accommodating even when we told her we’d possibly be a few minutes late, it wasn’t an issue at all. We are definitely going to try and come back when we are farther along. I’d recommend this place to all my friends